1-3-2-4 gambling system – Fortune Palace’s Baccarat / Roulette system in action

fortunepalace.co.uk presents a video tutorial of how to use their own 1-3-2-4 system to win at Baccarat (or Roulette) and maximise your profit.

For more information on gambling systems, read http://goo.gl/tqBlzm.



  1. julius omale on

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  2. krishna sharma on

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  3. Robert Silvy on

    Much like all betting systems, this works if the cards go in your favor… have done various runs of this system online and just like any progression system, you have your games where you are ahead of just flat betting and games where you are far behind flat betting… where the problem occurs is if you lose on that second bet after a win (which happens a lot), you are down $10 instead of even. Take it for what its worth..


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