Win roulette with the Romanoski strategy

This is probably the best winning roulette strategy for advanced roulette players and novices alike.


  1. Creel's Music on

    You have a good chance of winning $1 or $2, but then you lose $8. The chances of winning twice in a row is 0.86*0.86, or about 74%. Keep multiplying 0.86, you get the chances of winning any number of games in a row: 0.86*0.86*0.86 is the chances of winning 3 times. Winning 5 games in a row is 47%. That’s less than 50%, which means that you are more likely to lose $8 before
    you win $5.
    Ok, so you decide to increase your bet 8 fold to gain back your losses. You’ll probably gain back the $8 on the next game. But, eventually, you’ll lose twice in a row. The chances losing twice in a row is about 1.8%, so it is unlikely. But when you do lose twice in a row, you’ll bet $8 for the first bet, then $64 for the next. For a total bet of $72. And, since we expect to lose twice in a row about 1.8% of the time, we expect to lose $72*1.8 for every 100 games we play. That’s around $130. You’ll lose $130 before you gain $100.

  2. beldengi on

    I have to agree with the comment below. Big outlay for small win until wiped out by a single loss. I no longer play roulette because I refuse to lose another dollar in the hopeless chase for a gambling fortune.

  3. casino tek on

    if a corner bet win, you get paid 8:1 minus 3+3+1 = 1 bet unit won, if dozen win, you win 2:1, so 6 won, minus 3+1+1 = 1 bet unit won. can be a good strategy, but 8 bet units lost in case of losing spin..

  4. makka y on

    I used to use a similar method…WAIT for numbers 13-18 (including 0)to come out atleast 3 times in a row then place 3 chips on 19-36 and 2 chips on the 1st dozen…….

  5. Carl P on

    Really ? Really ? anyone who thinks they have a strategy for roulette is mathimatically challenged plain and simple

  6. Real muscle fitness for life on

    This is a game you can’t use system to beat. Just play it for fun live and if you lucky you lucky ? ?.


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